3rd Graders take on the iPad with “Mixala”

We are focusing on nature-themed symmetric art in 3rd grade.  This can be known already by many from my previous Andy Goldsworthy activity (have I mentioned that that is now one of my top 5 art activities for students?)!  Well, way back when I was working with 5th graders on Mandalas I was trying to find an app on the iPad that would be fun to use.  I found one, but the logistics of making happen within the necessary time frame for 5th graders wasn’t possible.  So that got shelved.

But then, with my 3rd graders, we’re talking all about Andy Goldsworthy and I realize – the same application could easily be used with the students to discover radial symmetry using objects from nature. If you do anything remotely similar with your students, check out Mixala – it’s a free app that students can create radial symmetry with and it is SO easy!


Mixala is a hands on app that with a simple flick of the finger or pinch of the hand, you can create colorful and beautiful radial symmetry.  My students had about 15 minutes with the app today to discover the possibilities (we played around, discovered what was easy and what we could or couldn’t do) but we will be returning to the app on Friday to make a more structured creation using the different option in the app.  Check it out. My students loved it!



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