Kinder Apples (Day 1)

For the month of October, Kindergarteners are learning all about apples.  And I mean “all”.  They are learning about apples in their classroom, in music and I only thought it appropriate to incorporate some of that cross-curricular with art!  So first we started by reading the book “Apples” by Gail Gibbons.  I like this book because it talks about the different types of apples, the colors of apples and what we \can do with apples.  We also briefly enjoy the book “Apple” by Nikki McClure simply because it’s a beautifully done book.

After reading the book, we practicing our tracing skills by tracing the shape of an apple three time.  Even this is a challenge for some as they are still learning to listen to directions, count and apply both at the same time.  It is important to tell your kinders to hold the apple steady while you trace and trace close to the apple, not on or far away.  Walking around and helping is always a good idea. 🙂 In the words of my 4th graders, “duh”.

Next, we discuss the colors of apples and come up with 3 main colors; Red, Yellow and Green.  So on the first day we talk about painting.  Since this was the first time I painted with Kinders, it was important to go through all the things possible.  I demo for them at my center table highlighting these main points:

1. Dip your brush in the paint – don’t scoop or swirl.  This keeps the paintbrush less messy and while it will eventually get messy, our kinder hands won’t get as dirty as fast.
2. Scrap or wipe the brush on the side of the cup. This just drains our extra paint so we don’t drip everywhere. To refill our paintbrush at any time simply repeat steps one and two!
3. Take our paint brush over to our first shape; Because we are practicing staying in the lines, the first thing we should do is paint all around the outside of our apple. If you show them this, a good percentage will do it – some will not, of course – but as we practice through the year, they’ll start to remember.
4. Paint the inside of the apple now, without going paste the red we already painted – and paint carefullly and slowly!

This went really well! Either I have 20 minutes with 20 Kinders or I have 30 with 30 depending on the week and our staffing.  So doing all this in under 30 was impressive, to say the least!

Next week we will paint the yellow apple and talk about what two colors make green to make the green apple! My goal is to have them make a basket of some sorts to put them in and we can add an apple orchard to our beautiful Fall into Findley tree!


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