1st Grade Pumpkins (Drawing – Day 1)

Today, my first graders began their work with pumpkins.  We read the novel, “From Seed to Pumpkin” which is a great book that covers the stages of pumpkin growing.  Students learned about pumpkins in Kindergarten and this will act as a fun, seasonally themed project that students can learn color mixing through.

After reading the novel, we examined mini pumpkins at our table.  Are they round? No? Why not? They have bumps.  How many bumps? A lot? Are they tall? Some are, some are short. We did a visual observation of the pumpkins and that helped us prepare for the pumpkin drawing.

Using the white board, students draw along, step by step with me.  We start with a tall oval in the center of our page.  I have the students make the paper long, not tall which helps make the pumpkins nice and fat.  It is important to leave a little big of room for the stem when making this oval.

Using the letter “C”, we first draw the letter C on the left of our oval, connecting at the top and bottom.  Repeat this two or three more times with the room you have.  After this, we focus on the right side of our oval where we draw the letter “C” again only backwards.  This creates a great, bumpy, fat pumpkin. After that, we draw our crooked stem (we decided it was crooked after looking at our pumpkins).  If there is time, I have the students go over their crayon one more time to make sure it’s nice and dark (will help resist paint better).

Next time, students will focus on the colors yellow, red, and of course, orange! We will talk all about mixing colors!



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