Indigo…where are you? (5th Grade Mandalas Continued)

Working with the color wheel using an eight sectioned design can be tricky.  Thankfully the color wheel includes Indigo.  Wait no, not thankfully at all because unfortunately, a lot of companies don’t supply indigo in their basic color package.  There’s some teal, brown and pink usually but indigo? Not often.  Well, that put a pinch in our projects but thankfully, my kids are pretty flexible.  We are finishing up out Mandala projects and have adapted our wheels to include Teal and Pink.  They fit in nicely and the results are promising.

In the end, our color wheels rotated around with Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Teal, Blue, Violet and Pink.  The designs are great and students are appreciating the end results.  And do they know the color wheel? You betcha.


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