Kinder Color Mixing (Part 2) with Tissue!

As I mentioned, we are all about color mixing right now with my kinders.  The first 20 minute session, we worked as a team to prove that the primary colors mix new colors.  I was curious to see what stuck from that 20 minute session but after yesterday, am feeling pretty good! Students definitely grasp that those are the three colors used to create new colors but we are still learning what together makes what!

Students began with a very short (gotta move quickly with only 20 minutes) re-briefing of color mixing and then we had a quick demo on using glue and tissue paper together.  I watered down the glue for Kinders so that it was a better consistency for them to experience and really, it helped the tissue paper bleed color into one another.

I used my handy new ice trays! And had enough tissue paper (primary colors only) cut up for each table.

While demonstrating, I showed students that once you paint an area of your paper, you can place down colors and have them stick.  And the goal was to have papers lay on top of each other – or, new vocab work, overlap!  I even showed them that when paper flapped off the paper, it maybe needed some help and you could actually paint glue over it and it would stick again!

Students LOVED it.  It was great because even with about 15 minutes to both start gluing and clean up, they were all chatting with each other about what colors they were making, if there was one they liked making more than others.  And, of course, the tissue doesn’t always produce the ideal results, but because the water down glue brings out the dye of the paper, there was plenty of bleeding and the kids really enjoyed it!

We will have one more day of tissue gluing so that our papers look full like this:

and then onto the next step: shapes and cutting!


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