5th Grade Mandalas (Day 3)

Wow! I am so impressed with my fifth graders.

Today we moved right into our first pie slice with time to finish the transfer from last time.  I gave a brief demonstration of how to stay within the pie slice and pulled in some techniques from another project I did with my sixth graders last year.

1. Shading
2. Pressue
3. One Direction

Students were given three materials: the basics; marker, pencil, and crayon.  These were all the color red, because we are turning our Mandalas into color wheels so we want to explore each color separately.  Using their design, students filled in the pie slice with the above three techniques in mind.  And the results? Pretty spectacular.

Students will repeat this for a couple of days, using the proceeding colors of the color wheel in each pie slice.  We will also talk about how you can carry over your ideas so if you used marker in one section, the same section in other areas would look best if it was similar if not the same.  I want to leave some control for them so I leave this as an option. I am amazed at how many responded that this would be their plan.

Stay tuned for the end result!


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