Ice Cube Trays = Paint/Liquid AND Paintbrush Management


Wanted to share a great find from this weekend. I was out shopping with some of my best girl friends in Cedar Rapids and came across the Kitchen Essential store.  This store is deadly for me normally because they have colors I use in my kitchen.  And of course, they also have a huge section of clearance.

Have you seen the idea of using an ice cube tray for paint? I have – from Pinterest, friends, and from when I was in elementary school.

BUT – what I’ve never enjoyed about using paint trays is that paint brushes have no place to lie and therefore, they are just as effective as a plate or palette – and at times, the same price.  So really, it’s never been a push for me.

Until this weekend.  When I found orange (my favorite color) ice trays with slits in the end sections to allow water to flow better.  Well, who cares about  water when I’m more about the purpose of these slits in use with paint brushes!  And they were $.99 a piece!


Obviously this isn’t paint, it’s glue but it works just the same. And it’s the perfect amount for my table because no more than four students sit at a table at one given time.  The cashier mentioned how she loved them when she worked in daycare too.  So well, you may all have experienced the use of ice trays before and of course, maybe even these special ones.  But their new to me and I just want to rave about how fantastico they are, especially since I spent $8 for 8!


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