Community Action

Every Wednesday, I get two specific classes for 45 minutes.  This is extra time in art, not part of the normal routine.  Because of this, we call them enrichment classes.  This is a great opportunity for students to get more of a particular subject that they normally get minimal time in.  This term (12 week cycles), I have one fifth grade class and a fourth grade class.  I’ve decided I wanted to go big by making a “community” based art theme.

We’re starting out small but powerful.  Today, student brainstormed things they wish they saw more of or less of in their neighborhood.  We came up with things like no bullying, drug free, no drunk driving, no violence, going green, taking care of the environment, living healthy, staying active, pet friendly, etc!

With these ideas, students brainstormed what appropriate illustrations or slogans and logos could go with the topics.  They could work together or on their own to get their ideas going.  From here, students will pick out one specific topic and create a large poster.  First goal is to get the really big topics hung around school like – drug free, no bullying, and respect.  The broader subjects like safe driving, pet friendly, no litering?  I want to get these posters hung up in area stores so that students can feel a sense of ownership in their neighborhood.  With a little time left today, students even listed stores they frequent the most.

I think it’s definitely a big idea in the making.  I really enjoyed seeing students get passionate about things that will better their neighborhood.  I can’t wait to see this unfold.

On a side note, I got my labels done!

photo 3


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