Findley Students believe in…THEMSELVES! (First Project of the Year)

This week is all about believing.  Well really, we started last week on the believe project.  Students were asked what they believe in…all grades.  Some students believed in simple things like ghosts, angels but a lot of students also believed in their friends, family and most importantly themselves.  After students thought and decided about what they believed in, they were asked to illustrate it.  I did not give a lot of instruction because like many beginning of the school year projects (last year, the art teacher did a self portrait assignment), I wanted to see what students already knew or what their skill levels were.  It was nice to have because it really showed me what these new age levels that I am unfamiliar with are capabale of – definitely a nice way to ease into this age group.

I have drawings of aliens, angels, ghosts, and the future…For students who wanted to illustrate that they believed in themselves, it was pretty simple – they drew what they saw themselves becoming in the future! And I was impressed with their dreams for the future.

Once students were done with their drawings, we reviewed very basic color theory. First we introduced Roy G. Biv which helped students remember the order of the rainbow and then visited with the Primary Colors and Secondary Colors.  To push their thinking, we reviewed Complimentary Color pairs and introduced Analogous colors.  For fourth and fifth, this was cake, for second and third, it was a quick learn but with my Kindergarten and First it was a great conversation about what colors can do.

Then, each class was assigned a set of analogous colors (Fifth and Fourth used Similar Reds and Oranges, Third and Second used similar Yellows and Greens, First and Kindergarten used similar Blues and Violets).  This was something I picked up from a colleague (each class having a different color family) and I liked it because I soon realized it was a great way to have the conversation about “sometimes in art we can do whatever we want and other times we have to try something new and follow certain directions.”  Great for the beginning of the year.

Something that simply happened on it’s own, not my intention and unlearned from said colleage, was the conversation about “tints”.  We talked about how black and white photographs don’t mean the objects are black, gray or white but just covered in different types.  So to help us better, we thought about how our drawing would be tinted or covered in similar colors. There was a little fuss but once students thought about it, they seemed to be okay with it.

Students will finish coloring their drawings and we will hang them up on a wall that reads “What do Findley students believe in?”  Their images will show this and the colors will be organized like a rainbow (hello Miss J’s OCD). I really can’t wait for this display to happen! Stay tuned!


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