Transitioning “Down”


Here’s my challenge.  Currently, anyway.

I have to transition my mind from teaching middle school students, ages 10-14, to elementary school students, ages 5-11.  It’s a bit crazy, really, to wrap my head around it.  I am completely confident that I will be succesful in this challenge but just thinking about it makes my mind move around a million miles per minute.  And let’s face it – by the time I get the hang of it, I won’t even realize it because it will be natural.

In more ways than one, I have to transtion down.  I have to sit a little lower, talk a little softer, teach to a younger crowd.  Today was my first day as an Elementary Art Instructor and while it was successful, I can admit a little truth – I was teaching 4th and 5th grade today…and my last school had 5th grade so it wasn’t too much of a stretch.  So to say I have experienced the transtition in its’ entirety would be a bit of a stretch.

Tomorrow I teach 5th, 3rd, and 1st.  Am I ready?

More than ever.  I have my expectations ready (not on posters yet but coming soon).  And I have the support of an amazing staff to get me on the right path when I get lost. Ha, and I probably will get lost. Mentally, I am prepared – my labels are clear, my visuals are hung, I have the next few cycles of teaching loosely outlined and I am rested.  (Well, I’m rested as much as a teacher can claim to be.)

Journey with me for this transtition because I am sure there will be a few tears, a load of laughs, and a couple of lessons of my own that will happen along the way.  I get giddy just thinking about all the learning I get to do and I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but the best teachers are those who want to learn just as much as the kids will, if not more.


I leave you with a view of my new “think spot”. It’s not finished yet (getting a new desk and chair) but it’s cozy.  Above my head is my four year old, self made (at the very beginning of the ‘keep calm’ era…ya know, before it was mainstream. It reminds me to keep calm…and teach art…because if you teach art, I’m fairly certain that you enjoy life to it’s fullest – I know I do.


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