Moving In and Moving Forward

Let’s recap the last few days.  It feels like an eternity since my last weekend.  My mind is full speed ahead and while I find myself timid about the future at times, I am genuinely thrilled for what’s ahead of me.

Friday I was able to take a sneak peak at my classroom. For those that don’t know, my  new school was just rennovated and that means they worked and continue to work on all the finishing touches.  It was a close call.

Monday I was able to get into my classroom. Finally.


When I walked in, I had a mild heart attack [of joy].  I estimate about 75 boxes and tubs that I needed to get through.  And as you can tell in the picture, all the while I had handymen working on parts of my rooms – you know, like the electricity and running water…nothing too important. Har, har.

But after some hard work and a much needed handed from my unbelievable mate, Matt, I managed to unpack all the boxes from storage.

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Come Tuesday, I entered into what seemed like Christmas morning – 75% of my ordered supplies had arrived!


I always love new supplies but before I could do much of anything, I needed to make sure everything else could fit and be where I had originally put it.  It took some creative movement, but I managed to get a lot accomplished on day two.



Wah-lah, this was end of Tuesday – I even had my floor plan developed.  Keep in mind, all you educators – I still had absolutely no idea what I would do the first day because I had only just unpacked.

Needless to say, I managed to get some vital details ironed out on Wednesday in preparation today. So take a look at the finished product….

Stay tuned for Today’s “Start of the Year” theme post! 🙂


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