Day 1 as an Elem Art Teacher – COMPLETE!

I made it! I have to say, I had it easy – the staff here at Findley is undeinably helpful and welcoming.  But I made it.  It was an early out schedule so that was nice to have on my first day but it kind of throws off my routine until tomorrow.  I had the class ready to go and today were my enrichment classes.

Basically, I’m fortunate enough to have 45 minutes of extra art with a class from each grade level.  They do an extention of art learning but something totally different that what they are doing in normal art.  That said, I have big dreams to do some community based art this year.  I want to give back to Findley, because after watching their beautiful rennovation, it would be lovely to see some strong sculptural art made by kids for the school – lots of ideas flowing but I have a big dream about how amazing this could be!

School started, tours commenced…and I started transitioning into that elementary mindset fairly smoothly.  Recess duty was fun – students walk around the playground track once before they can play, so basically the faster they walk (or run), the sooner they get to play- and the more time they have.  Whoever thought that gem up is a genius.  Lunch came and went, and then early out.  Tomorrow is a full day of classes but with plenty of time to plan ahead.  I’m excited about getting into my first lesson (more to come on that) next week but this week is more of a fun – get into the routine week so that I and the kids can have our heads on straight.


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