Tech Tip #3 from TICL13: Text2MindMap

Okay, so when this was presented at TICL13, I was like “when am I every going to make a mind map?” because of course, the traditional art teacher in me said no way.  But low and behold, over the summer I have found my reasons for using it.


Text2MindMap is one of many different ways to make a mind map online.  It’s probably the most simple approach considering you don’t even need to sign up before you start using it and it’s an outline to mind map transition, so you’re not drawing the lines or connecting anything.


Simple create an outline and move your tabs in and out to make it structured how you want.  In fact, Text2MindMap starts you off with a template outline to show you what’s “up”.  Months of the Year, simple enough.


Obviously, if you are teaching kids outline form, this can coincide (in fact, I did that in my Common Core unit with 7th grade last year).  This would be a perfect tool to integrate that – for art classrooms, specifically, you could easily have students map out the different mediums or historical time periods within the art world…the possibilities are endless and again, the platform is easy to use.  Not to mention, no sign up? You can sign up and you can keep the map a live link so people can access it when you invite their email – it could be collaborative!!  Either way, in the end, a simple save to PDF is possible and students can save to their device. I see possibilities – do you?


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