Apologies from a Slacking Art Teacher Blog

First, I want to apologize for being, well, to put it simply – absolutely absent the last two months.  My summer completely got away with me.  It’s no excuse of course, but I started off the summer thinking I wasn’t going to be very busy but then I took on a summer job, added a few weddings to my calendar, planned a few trips…at one point I even managed to get a summer cold.  Oh, and we moved once already – another move happens at the end of the month…and during that move, the state had their first extensive summer board retreat for Art Educators of Iowa so all of those initiatives took precedence over my blog.

Something I’m not happy about.  Because I’ve gathered what I believe to be a strong network from this blog.  I won’t drag out my apology, only promise (and follow through this time) to provide some of those things I promised after TICL and more from my transition as Middle School teacher to Elementary.

As always, I appreciate your support in my craziness.


One response to “Apologies from a Slacking Art Teacher Blog

  1. That’s okay! I’ve always thought blogging should be something to do as and when anyway, unless you’re trying to do it professionally, otherwise it’s purely a cathartic experience! Sounds like you’ve had a busy old time!

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