Tech Tip from TICL #2: Pixabay; free domain pictures for your students.

A while back, I shared a great resource, Free Stock Photos in my rant about Copyright (don’t you worry, I will never stop ranting about it).  But thanks to @rmbyrne, Richard Byrne…the Justin Beiber of our Tech conference….long story….I found a better resource, a much easier resource to use.

Meet  I spent some time on this today just to get the feel for the website and while it isn’t as easy as going onto Google and right clicking an image so you can save it…it is free domain.  Students are safe to use these images.  The website states:


Well it says you need not attribute the original author.  While this is true, I still encourage, as educators, that you have students acknowledge the original author so that they can practice attributing the work.  And be sure, if they use the images for competitions that they read the fine print involved…because every photo has different rules regarding what it can be used for.

You can use the images without creating a log on but it involves a captcha process.  To avoid that, create a free account and start using with better ease.  Finally, you can include your own photos in the database but if you would like to retain your rights, I would chose not to do this as they do go through an approval process and part of the public domain.



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