Tech Tip from TICL #1: Haiku Deck – information and links

Who has an iPad? Okay this post is for you!


Haiku Deck is sweet.  That’s all you need to explain this amazing app.  It’s a presentation app that does the work for you.  And the best part about it?  It’s free.  As opposed to Apple’s $9.99 application they are so fond of.

Don’t get me wrong, Keynote is great and probably the most involved “power point” of the application world.  But who needs involved?  Let alone, who has wants to do all that thinking?

Haiku is quick, simple and easy to use.  After playing around with Haiku Deck, here’s what amazed me.

1. Font size got smaller, the more you typed.  This forces students to keep their points short and precise otherwise no one can read their work.

2. When you type in words, like say “giraffe”, Haiku Deck finds ‘free’ images immediately for you and brings them into the app. Rather than having students go search for the best one, Haiku Deck already does it for you.

3. When in presentation mode, attached to a projector – this is my favorite part, wait for it…if you put your iPad in portrait mode, you get your presentation’s notes! And the best part? The screen the audience sees doesn’t show those notes, fantastic!

Not convinced? Well it’s free – so once you download it from the app store, it will do the convincing.  But still, check out this sweet video made by Haiku Deck for Haiku Deck.

Meet Haiku Deck from Haiku Deck on Vimeo.


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