So thankful, so thoughtful.

After a good conference, your brain is moving a million miles a minute. So much information, how can you play with it all. Take two of my favorite colleagues, for instance.


We are at lunch and on our mobile devices. And the funny part? We get an ridiculous amount of time for lunch at this particular conference…a whole 1 1/2 hours. So after we stake the typical 10 minutes to eat, what do we do? We don’t relax, we continue our learning.

Good educators do that, you know. We learn continually because its what we do. We are life long learners who are dedicated and passionate about the next step to help our students. So when you meet an educator that is constantly talking about education and always excited about their job…an educator that lives and breathes enthusiasm, while you might think they [me…we] are crazy, remember that we are the reason for those days when children come home and want to talk about their learning, we are the reason students love to create.

Give thanks to those educators because we are so thrilled about our role in our students’ lives.


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