Information Overload: TICL 2013

I told you I’d be tickled about TICL.  These past two days at TICL have been a good lot of information overload and I feel pretty thrilled about connecting and communicating with some of the top dogs campus.

The amount of information is too much to contain in one post so over the next few days I will be exploring/sharing sharing some great tech tools, tips, and lessons I have gathered.  If you’re curious about the last couple days’ action, follow the #tic2013 feed on Twitter.

if you do not go to conferences, whether they are for your content area or not, I urge you to start joining in on the fun.  I leave feeling empowered and inspired…something every educator should get a healthy dose of multiple times in the year.  There is no better feeling then the confirmation that you are on the right path and even better, that others want to connect with you.

Some but not all of the things I will cover? Doodle Cast, PLNs, Google+, managing tech in the classroom, Haiku Deck, Blogging, QR Codes, Google Hangout, Loopster, WeVideo, Pixabay, SoundCloud, Fair Use, Entertainment vs Engagement, Ask3, Subtext, MOOC, Wolfram Alpha, Google+1 Email Trick, Timeline Maker, Popplet, Today’s Meet, ThingLink, Text2MindMap, Padlet, GoSoapBox, Goo.Gl, Community of Practice, Freemium and MORE!!!!


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