Professional Learning Networks; getting involved, informed and invested.

A couple colleagues and I (T:@gscholtens and T:@mrbarnerwcms) decided to present at our Iowa based technology integration education conference, better known as TICL.  Our topic of choice is, of course, because we love them, PLNs.  Geting out of the normal, traditional professional development and into something you can relate to. You know how obsessed I am with Twitter and Blogging so of course, I was eager to jump in.  We started working on our presentation and decided an infographic would be a neat way to present.  Of course, this excited me because I am the resident graphic arts lady…and anyone who knows me, knows I don’t mind at all! I was excited to do it.  I already said that. So, using the information the three of us compiled, this is what I developed for us.  And as far as my first (first and half if you count my Edu Fair Use chart) infographic goes, I am not disappointed.

Not only do I ask you to check it out but use and share it to help your colleagues better develop their PLN skills!


Click once on the picture to enlarge it in, click a second time to see it at full size and scroll through it!


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