Levels and Types of Technology Integration into the Classroom

Technology is big.

And if it’s not a discussion in your school district right now, then it probably should be.  And I feel like I’ve typed that sentence before. Hmm. Anyways, before the end of the year (and this is late, I know) we had a tech day for our district because it’s going to be 1:1 next fall.  Disappointing, I say because I won’t be part of the district anymore but FANTASTIC for those that remain.  I was asked to present a couple things but the one that was most enjoyable for me to gather information for was a “Levels of Integration” session.  I wanted to share that information with you because I think it is extremely valuable for anyone journeying into education with technology.

This has nothing to do with the type of device you use or the programs instilled on that device – this is about how you use the device with students and the success that comes with it.  Yes, of course, there are people that can just be all-stars when it comes to making new things work in the classroom but for the rest of us that would appreciate a little guidance, here’s a simple break down for you.

There are five levels of Technology Integration, something I found through http://fcit.usf.edu/matrix/matrix.php.

  • Entry
  • Adoption
  • Adaptation
  • Infusion
  • Transformation

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But the five types of Technology Integration, while there may be something similar, I just gathered using my first hand experience.

  • Simple Resource – use it as a tool that helps students research or type papers.
  • Activity Source – use it as a tool within an activity that enhances student learning.
  • Enhancement – enhance an entire unit using the tools within the device.
  • Flipped Environment – flip their learning, learn materials at home and become hands on at school (so much more time)!
  • Beyond the Barrier – extend their classroom through PLN connections and software possibilities.

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Hopefully this  can help you along your journey!


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