The Name Game: 5th Grade Name Sculptures

What a silly name for a post…but I am trying to be clever. Perhaps because I began this post before 8am, I’m struggling with that.

5th graders have finished up their abstract name sculptures!  And they are looking pretty great! Students love taking a structured concept such as bubble letters and turning it into an abstract sculpture.  The transformation from a full name into a windy, weaving sculpture is always my favorite part of this project.  Students really get a chance to play with the negative and positive space created by their letters and while some keep it pretty simple, others twist and bend those letters until they can honestly be considered letters no more.

To design the letters, students had to dig back in their memory to our first unit that focused on line…using line and personal color choices, they designed their letter’s faces – and of course, I had to encourage them to stay away from scribbles.

I leave you with some examples from our last day in the project.  Some students did not feel their sculpture was complete so I gave them full creative rights an let them add whatever other paper and details they may have wanted.


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