New Beginnings

Well folks, it’s time to share the big news.

There is change ahead for ARTCLASSWITHLMJ.

And no, not the kind that involves a wedding…well, actually that does exist but I’ve already shared that here.

This change involves a change of scenery. One with an elementary school.


I will no longer be teaching art at the middle school level.  Which I am completely non-thrilled about because I have grown to love and respect this age.  And you know about that if you read this.

As you may have guess from my job hunting skills, I have been actively looking for a job.  So has my fiance. Unfortunately, nothing was available for him in my area.  So it came down to my shoulders and I was successful.

Next year, I will be teaching elementary school in the Des Moines Public Schools.  I am ready for a new adventure. I’ve never taught elementary except during student teaching.  I’m very excited to try something new but completely saddened that I will be leaving behind a family that I have grown to love.  WCMS was a phenomenal start to my career and I would not be the someone I am today if it wasn’t for WCMS.  It was not a hard decision even if it was exciting.  I know that all of the challenges ahead of me would be much more intimidating if it weren’t for the leadership and support I’ve had.

So friends, expect an onslaught of new lessons, focused in elementary grades, and definitely some posts about my new adventures.

I can’t wait to take you all on this journey.


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