Thank You (from WCMS Art)!

Again, a million thanks to Webster City School Foundation! Check out the great digital happenings in the art room this year thanks to a grant received last fall!

Webster City Community Schools

7th and 8th Grade students at Webster City Middle School have a reason to celebrate this year, thanks to the Webster City School Foundation!

The art department received a grant from the  foundation that allowed the funding for a small digital photography program to begin.

Lisa Jorgensen, the middle school art teacher, wrote the grant last September in hopes of receiving funding for multi-function digital cameras with extra batteries and some tripods.

“I had never written a grant before,” Jorgensen said. “But when the chance to give your students a new experience opens up, you’ve got to take it.”

For the first two years that Jorgensen taught at Webster City Middle School, 7th and 8th Grade students participated in graphic design units on the computer. Using images, 7th Grader students created clever advertisements and 8th Grader students immersed themselves in Photo Shop, but the…

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