How to Draw an Eye

Last week was drawing week, case in point because I posted about drawing a nose. Well, I said I’d work on more of these little instructions because who doesn’t have enough how-tos.  And as I tell my students, it’s not the right or wrong way, it’s just one way to draw an eye.

eyeAs I mentioned in my last post about drawing, there are a few thoughts to keep heavy in  your mind. Elaborations can be found on the previous post.

1. Constantly repeat the tried-and-true following statements to them as they are working.
2. Give them some left brain instruction with some right brain visuals.
3. Remind them that the instructions you’ve given are not the only way to do things.
4. Don’t walk through the process with them right away.

For each part of the face, I have a left brain instruction sheet that students have in front of them.  It is detailed enough to show the steps and describe what to pay attention to but not as detailed as other instructions so that students have a chance to figure out what they’re seeing and how to translate it into a drawing.  The biggest problem with realistic drawing is that what our eyes see and how our brain translates it is typically incorrect which brings light on left vs. right brain thinking.  Combing the two like this creates an environment in which your students (or you) can have both sides working together.

You may download the file with these instructions here: Drawing an Eye – PDF Handout, ArtClasswithLMJ


6 responses to “How to Draw an Eye

  1. I would also love the steps you have for the mouth! I have been using the eyes and nose handouts you provided and I am loving them! Thank you for sharing your resources. You’re awesome!

  2. I would like your instructions for drawing the mouth, nose, and ear if you have them. The eye was a really great graphic and yet simple.

    • Jacqui, I apologize as I took a hiatus from this blog for some time – to catch up on some personal business. I will do what I can to locate those for you.

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