Are you in a 4S Line?

Pinterest is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Last year, I struggled with lines.  My 5th and 6th graders are lined up and taken to my class and I in turn, return them in a line.  And boy, do they struggle.  But that’s normal.

So I tried different methods – points for the line, walking back and trying again with the line but it wasn’t until I found a gem on Pinterest that helped me figure out what to do.

(Side note: Bless whoever you are that originally came up with the 4S concept…I have about 2,000 pins and can’t seem to find the one I pinned for credit.)

At the end of class, I ask questions that allow tables (named after artists) to line up.  Upon lining up, they have to create a 4S line.  It’s very simple:

5-6-2013 1-05-58 PM

Shhh, it’s time to be quiet.  Ears open, mouths closed so you can listen!

Hands to ourselves, ladies and gentlemen – let’s keep our bodies in control.

Single file (Behind not beside.), if everyone is doing this then there is no reason to be stepping out of line and looking around.

Smile because you had a great day and because it is easier to smiler than it is to frown!

This has worked magic, I tell you.  In fact, a couple other teachers are taking on the concept and our classes are starting to compete for the best 4S Line!

Because it’s been so helpful, and I can’t seem to find who to credit, I made up this simple PDF that anyone can download and use in their own classroom!  Looks just like the jpg, only a bit more file friendly! Click 4SLINE for this simple poster!


2 responses to “Are you in a 4S Line?

  1. This is a great idea. Lining up at the end of class is always the most chaotic time (you would think with only 3 weeks left they would have the hang of it by now!) I will definitely be using this next year, thanks for the great idea. 🙂

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