First Annual Student Art Showcase [Article]

Success! Here is the article written for our Curriculum Blog:

IMG_0234Spring came quick for our schools and with that, comes the Middle School 3rd Trimester Parent/Teacher Conferences.  This year, it was decided to spend that evening not only meeting with parents but celebrating the learning going on in all our classrooms.

One celebration, in particular was new this year – Miss Jorgensen organized and put on the First Annual WCMS Student Art Showcase for students, staff, and parents. Just over 60 pieces of artwork were on display April 23rd, 2013 from 4:00pm-6:30pm.

“I’ve always wanted to put on an art show for the kids but the planning always scared me,” stated Miss Jorgensen.  But this year, she faced her fear in the face and began planning.  Miss Jorgensen started collecting work just after first trimester finished – asking some students to bring their work back and others to leave it for the remainder of the year.

“For some students, it’s a huge deal to leave their work all year; especially when they are proud of what they are creating.” Miss Jorgensen exclaimed.

Each grade level was represented with at least 15 pieces of work from throughout the year.  Eighth grade showed strong with over 20 pieces represented in the showcase.


Miss Jorgensen’s favorite part about the showcase lies in the name, “showcase”.  Rather than it being run and displayed as a competition, this showcase served to show off what students were learning in class, not just the end result. The work chosen showed a wide range of skill level, ability, and creativity and because of this, not one piece could be considered better than the rest.

“I mean, it was great! The variety, creativity and originality was unbeatable,” said Gary Scholtens, Technology Instructor, “It was high quality and I can’t wait to see it again next year.”

“Students loved the recognition, including the certificate,” said Judy, office secretary, “it was great to see the smiles from the diverse amount of students involved.”

One student, Ashley D, from 8th grade, just had her work returned from Des Moines, where it was on display for Youth Art Month – a state wide showcase displaying work from around the state.

“It was neat to see the commons busy with parents and students discussing what they learned,” Duane Harding, Associate Principal said, “they also had a chance to see what they would be learning in coming years.”

“To put it simply, it was a success. I’m impressed with the work that I see come through my classroom and I am so thankful I get to be a part of these experiences with the children of the middle school,” said Jorgensen.


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