Mean Muggin’!

A post to our district’s curriculum blog about what our 8th graders are up to in their ceramics unit!

Webster City Community Schools

This week, 8th Grade students at Webster City Middle School started their ceramics unit with their art instructor, Lisa Marie Jorgensen.

This is a unit they all look forward to because most have not used clay before, according to Jorgensen.  This unit combines elements of art and cultural history, hand building technique and—of course—creativity.

“Students are a little overwhelmed in the beginning,” Jorgensen said.

Students have a series of requirements to get through before they even get their hands on clay.  This includes a reading and writing assignment that ties tightly both into the Common Core and National Art Standards.

After the reading, students are exposed to the cultural history of African American Slavery within a Prezi presentation and learn about ceramic “Face Jugs,” also known as “Ugly Jugs”.

During slavery, anything that was considered valuable also had the need to be hidden,  and these face jugs were created to…

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