State and National Organization Affiliation

PrintAs I write this, I must admit – I’m due to renew my membership to National Art Educators Association – of course, this will be done promptly, I assure you.

Why am I a member of my state organization – and at a national level? Because it would be silly to pass that resource up.

I’m not a math teacher (obviously) and my lack of a science degree puts me in a position where my career choice is a little thinner of a field than many other teachers.  Not that teaching isn’t thin in general – but the fact is, when you’re the only teacher doing what you doing in the entire building…it’s pretty obvious that your department is small.  And I’m lucky! There are 3 other art teachers in my district – some are unfortunately alone K-12…and some of those even work part time doing it! Unbelievable.

That’s why I’m in a state organization – Art Educator’s of Iowa, state affiliate of National Art Educators Association.

Downside? None really, the membership costs are minimal compared to other educational area organizations.

Upside? A ton.

– Lesson plans galore.
– Resources for every classroom, every grade, every situation.
– Connections with other teachers.
– Regional and National Conventions.
– Resume Builder – getting involved boosts every part of you resume.
– Tips and Tricks (know what to do and when – no more beginner’s jitters)

And that’s just the national perks – the state level upside?

– Lesson plans galore.
– AEA communication.
– Job communication.
– Fall Conferences (3 days of jam packed goodies)
– Board Involvement
– Access to hundreds of resources
– State monthly newsletter
– Contributions for and from you

If it wasn’t for Art Educators of Iowa, I would have never grown close to my mentor, Ronda who helped me land my first long-term substitute position…which helped me land my first job as the current Middle Level teacher where I’m at.  If I hadn’t joined Art Educators of Iowa and gotten involved, I’d have never began editing our state’s magazine.  If I hadn’t gotten involved in that publication, I’d have never know my love for editing and thus I’d never be privy to the National level of communication and would never have had the chance to sign on as National Middle Level newsletter editor.

I know people from Oregon to New York – all sharing a passion for what I do.  And not only do I know them, but I’m involved with their work and building up my references and connections every single day.  So what are you waiting for?  It always boggles my mind to meet educators across the state who aren’t involved in their National or State level organization in their job area.  Why wouldn’t you want to be connected?  What better way to create advocacy for your education field.  Rather than stand alone, have hundreds stand behind you.


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