LMJ goes to DC

Hello long lost friends – I suppose that’s what happens when you go on a 4 day trip and then have Spring Break immediately following.  It was extended even further because of the flu, too. Yuck! I hate missing school, let alone after a long break.  But anyways!

Before break, I had the pleasure of going on the WC2DC trip with our 8th graders.  All students have the availability to go but of course, it’s not required.  About 50% of our 8th grade go and wow – is it a trip! 4 days may not sound like a lot when thinking of all the things you can see in Washington DC but with our fearless leader, we saw more than I would’ve if I probably lived there.

Every day started around 7am and ended near or past 9pm.  Of course breakfast, lunch, and dinner were squeezed in there but we saw over 15 memorials, spent time at major museums, toured Arlington Cemetery, visited Mount Vernon, Holocaust Museum (so tremendously intense) and even took in a show at the Ford’s Theater.  And well, more than that – I can’t even begin to name it all. I loath scrap booking but I’m half tempted so I don’t forget a single moment. And were there ever high lights? You bet.  However, one in particular stands above the rest.

IMG_4472I saw my first DaVinci painting.  We weren’t originally planning to attend the National Gallery of Art but surprise, we got to! And the only DaVinci in the Western Hemisphere….well, you can see in the image my dumb struck look as I stood next to it.  Between not knowing we were headed to see it and actually getting to see it – it put me in a state of Cloud 9, especially since I followed that visit up with one to the Museum of Modern Art where I saw my favorites.  I managed to separate a few of my favorite photos (from the over 800 that I took) while I was there.  It is a taste of what we saw, but nothing compares to actually being there.

It was amazing to stand and walk and sit in the same places that our history began.  If you ever, and I mean, ever get the chance to participate in a prepaid visit to our Nation’s Capital…well go. Don’t hesitate.  Even if it’s more than you’d ever like to spend – it was worth it.  Even the 7 mile/day average we were walking.  Even after the 3am arrival on the last plan in the day we started our tours. The kids were amazing and so was the learning experience – these kids will never experience DC like that again, and I know they are thankful they did.  I slept for nearly 24 hours upon return but still worth it.


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