Do you Character Counts?

Does your school participate in Character Counts?  Because I know many do – how does your school celebrate? Each year, we have a full day set aside to talk about the pillars of character and how we can show good character by doing simple things in our every day life.

The day is always exciting for the kids – they dress up and get to interact with adults who come from all over – both in town and from other countries! Every year, the newest Miss Iowa comes and speaks about how much character is involved in her role as a leader – we also have entertainment, this year BMX riders, last year the Harlem Globetrotters! The kids always love it!  In the afternoon, our students visit the elementaries to meet with the younger kids and play games – all the while, talking Character Counts!

I play the roll of art teacher – I create the commons display for the event, centering around a theme (this year’s was “Catch the Wave with Character Counts”).  It’s stressful and time consuming but I have to admit the end result is usually pretty satisfying.


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