Technology Integration into the Exploratory Classroom

This past Monday, our district hosted the first Education Tech fair for our schools and associated districts.  Our district is going 1:1 with iPads come August…and get this – we’re going K-12.   And I’m thrilled – beyond belief thrilled.  Anyone that knows me knows I love technology and what better place then to start young.

Anyways, because I love technology, I was asked to host a few sessions and I’ve decided to highlight some of that information here. The first, being that I hosted a session regarding Exploratory Technology in the Exploratory Classroom.  My co-presented and I shared a lot of information, of course catered to the iPad but we wanted a place to go that would work for everyone and provide forum for feedback.  So I went to Weebly and knocked it out of the park, if I do say so myself.

2-27-2013 3-31-51 PMWhile it’s labeled for our district – this should be used or created for everyone and every subject.  The important piece of any good initiative is COMMUNICATION.  And this website provides that – with a forum that requires no log in and allows animosity, links to specific apps for each area of interest, outside websites, outside resources and a page dedicated to apps and websites that work in all areas.

2-27-2013 3-32-00 PM

Most beneficial will be the ever growing pages dedicated to examples of Technology Integration for the Exploratory Classroom.  There’s information there now but it will forever grow and so will the website based off of the information we see on the forum.

I invite you, my lovely art (and other) lovers; to participate in this page and let us know what you’ve found or any questions you might have.  I enjoyed making the resource and perhaps it will graduate into a much more regional resource rather than just a district one.  For more information or to look at this self-proclaimed fabulous resource, click here.


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