Get costly apps for free…

Something that will be in the monthly newsletter for AEI but thought would be good to share with other bloggers.

1-22-2013 12-47-22 PM

Apple App Attack: Apps Gone Free

Because the use of tablets and iPads are “hot-hot-hot” right now, I thought I would share a hidden gem amongst all the applications you can find on your technology.  Unfortunately, this application is only available for Apple devices but I won’t leave you PC lovers hanging, I promise.

Next time you are on your device, head to the Apple store and find “Apps Gone Free”.  It’s a free application that keeps track of applications that go free for temporary amounts of time. It even sends you a daily notification to let you know when they have their list ready.

1-22-2013 12-53-00 PMOn a bad day, there are only 6-7 applications up for grabs but on a good day, there can be nearly 25 available.  Sometimes it pays to be quick because it’s up to the seller to determine how long their application is free – it could be for the first 100 users or it could be for 24 full hours.

Most applications are worth $2-$3 but ocassionally you hit the jackpot and find a popular application worth $10!

I recently managed to get “Smart Office”, a $9.99 application for free.  It was an application I watned to use but couldn’t bring myself to pay for since I didn’t know how often I’d use it.  I have also accumulated approximately $50 worth of fun photography applications for free.

Whether you have been issued your iPad by school or you bought it for youself, it doesn’t matter.  There is no limit on the genres you can find and there is no limit on how many apps you grab for free.  I can recall a day when they had over 30 applications, normally $3/piece that helped you learn different languages.    There are photography and drawing apps up for grabs nearly every other day (not always the best apps but hey, they’re free)!

And for you PC Lovers?

1-22-2013 12-53-13 PMThe Amazon App Store is a similar concept to Apps Gone Free – but is completely separate from the familiar Google Play.  All apps would be downloaded from Amazon (so you would need an account).

The difference between Amazon Apps and Google Play is that Amazon has daily free apps that will be on your home screen when you open up.  These apps are often games but ocassionally tools that help you with a large variety of tasks.  They also have applications at a lower cost than you might find through Google Play.

To find out more about Amazon App Store, go to and it will step-by-step walk you through the process to get Amazon App Store on your droid device (this also works on Kindles and other tablets).  I use this application on my Kindle Fire and my Droid cell phone to balance out my finds through Apps Gone Free.


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