Keeping the Passion

The Social Canvas

I’ve been having the same conversation with one of my dearest friends about life…don’t we all have this conversation.  We have little venting sessions about how much life seems to get in the way of our desires and hobbies – one in particular for both of us is our love for art.  Let’s face it, my love for art is pretty obvious but it seems anymore I have no time for my old hobbies involving photography and painting.  I absolutely love my job and am so blessed to have that going for me – but once in a while, I need me time and I neglect that personal passion a lot a


When the holidays come around, I exhaust my Rebel’s batteries with hundreds of pictures but other times the camera seems to collect dust.  When I do have a free moment, rarely do I find the means or creativity in myself to get a full painting going.  It sure doesn’t help that I am an immediate type of person so when I paint, I want the flexibility to really  spend time on my work – I dislike having to return to a painting some time later because I usually have an entire new concept I want to try out.

That said, the friend in question, what a gem – found this great place in West Des Moines, Iowa that she wanted to try out called “The Social Canvas”.  She had experienced something similar when she was in Denver and fell in love with the concept.  Basically, you show up and they give you the canvas, paints, and subject of your painting and the rest is up to you.  I was skeptical at first because having a room full of people painting the same thing seemed kind of pointless but she called me a few weeks back with a Groupon allowing us to attend one of the sessions at half price; for just around $15, couldn’t pass that up.

And it was a thrill! I had a great time just winding down – we did it on a Friday night which was the perfect end to a great week of teaching. I found myself falling behind in the instruction because I was so into painting but there was no pressure – we could work at whatever pace we wanted!  We could change the colors of the painting and if we didn’t want to paint what she was painting, that was fine – basically it was an unstructured but structured time to enjoy doing something with friends.

Most of the people in attendance had little to no history in the area of art so my friend and I were the odd ones out but it was so exciting to see grown adults experiencing something new.  It was an excuse to get together, have fun, meet new people, and try something you wouldn’t normally be doing on a night out.  By the end of it, the owner even asked if I wanted to help lead some classes because I had a background in art – of course, I’m interested but we’ll see…I spend all day teaching kiddos – I don’t know if I can handle weekends full of adults – haha, although the time I had spent there was full of laughter, singing, and just plain good times…so maybe I should spend my weekend doing that!

I have been reminded why it’s important to make time for activities that you want to experience – this was refreshing and it was rewarding to have a nice painting come out of it – that of which is already hanging in my living room.  I can’t wait to do it again or find other unique experiences to try out and to keep my passion going!


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