Organic Sculptures

7th grade also had a great display on hand; their organic monochromatic sculptures.  I love these sculptures and lesson overview can be found here. Check out some of this trimester’s great successes!

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The lesson is pretty straight forward if you dissect what would be needed to make it work.  First, you key ingredient is good paint, tag board, and some creativity with your time.  The lesson, or rather unit, simply takes a week and half give or take how far into it you would like to go.  After a class led discussion on sculpture, organic forms, and monochromatic thinking, students design an organic shape and create templates for 5 different sizes of the same shape.  They use these templates (download the Organic Shape Design file I use here.) to create pieces on tag board.  I do 5 shapes because of limited time but I would love to explain it into 7,9, or even 11 shapes.  Students find the middle shape and paint it their chosen color (our of the color wheel) and from there the two smaller shapes become tone and the two larger shapes become tints, increasing step by step as you see in the images.  While their images dry or are being finished, students use the paper bead rolling technique to create sturdy stands that the shapes will be glued to in order to stand up right.  Finally, students discuss and create a base that compliments their organic form that the based and shapes will be glued to in an ascending order, like you see in the picture.

The sculptures themselves allow students to become creative and problem solvers to create their own ideas and concepts surrounding sculpture and positioning.


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