Quick Lesson: Giftcards

I was inspired the other day.  Typically I have sub plans that I always pull out for students to work on; one of my favorites is design a fantasy locker – something I can go into another time.  Recently, I decided to go through my sub plans and spice them up.  I was feeling holiday-ish and thought how can I combine a bit of creativity with some holiday spirit?  Wah-lah, Design a Giftcard!

Students use this handout to create gift cards that give favors rather than money.  The idea is that they can create their holiday themed card on the front, cut them out and then write their favor with “to” and “from” on the back of each card.  There is a simple example on the handout but it leaves three empty templates for students to work with. Instructions are write on the handout with step by step to help students along.

According to my sub(s), it’s a hit! 🙂  If you want to assess their work, aspects such as creativity, craftsmanship and theming can be considered.  But overall, it’s a fun, easy project you can either use with subs or with extra time.


4 responses to “Quick Lesson: Giftcards

  1. I was the Sub and it was great! The kids loved it…stayed engaged…and wanted to do more than the 3 on the page!

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