What a great week! We have a lot of extra time this Trimester thanks to some very great students who have continued to amaze me regarding how hard they work.  One of my colleagues, the chorus teacher, asked for some favors with our extra time – make some posters, banners, and a couple large palm trees for one of the upcoming 5/6 Chorus concerts. Of course, typically I’d have no time for this but it was great timing on his part because we had about 4 days I was going to fill with random lessons but this would prove to be a better experience allowing the students to team up and work together to get everything done.

One of the two 6ft Palm Trees made from construction paper, blue print tubes, and a few odds and ends.

Students working together to finish a few chorus banners.

It was a great couple days full of quick thinking, team work, and a pretty fun atmosphere and gave me some time to think things through about the fantastic set of cameras that just arrived! I cataloged and organized the cameras and for the last two days I watched the magic unfold.

First thing first, I had students sign a technology agreement with some of the basics regarding responsibility with the new equipment.  After giving them the agreement and showing them a few basics (literally how to turn it on and where the zoom and review buttons were), I let them have the rest of one period to take pictures; to get used to the camera and learn how to use the different settings.  I especially wanted them to show me anything they figured out as far as settings went because I knew less about these cameras then they did.  Was quite the learning experience – definitely figured out a lot of the settings thanks to my students.

Today was spent working with the Rule of Thirds regarding photography – we set the camera to show the grid lines on the viewfinder and students spent time arranging items, themselves and searching for interesting details throughout the school that could use the Rule of Thirds effectively. And then, of course, there’s the pictures that were just for fun and experimenting.


Next week we will take it to the next level – 7th graders concentrating on advertising and 8th grade will have a list of choices they can decide from regarding what they could do using Photoshop. More to come!


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