It’s never too early to get creative.

It’s never too early to encourage art.

Through a series of pinning (Pinterest is now one of my hobbies, and who can’t deny the truth that it’s many peoples’ hobby!) and fortunate luck, I found myself admiring the WordPress of Isabella Rose.  He artwork, her poetry, and her fashion designs were extraordinary.  Just after the few posts I saw regarding her work, I was a fan.  I was an even bigger fan of her accomplishments when I found out she was only 11 years old!

This young woman, and I call her a woman based on the fact that she holds the maturity of one, is extremely talented and has been at it since she was just old enough to walk and talk.  Her abstract thinking and ability to relay her thoughts through her work is intense and impressive for such a young mind.  Not only is she sure to go places with her talent, but she will continue to increase her skills and awareness regarding the vast world of art.  She already has fashion shows, gallery exhibits, and publications.  This 11-year-old is already an associated editor of a kids’ magazine!

I’ve shared her accomplishments with my students and some colleagues.  I’ve pinned her page because I think she proves the one thing many of our students don’t think is possible.  She proves that you can do things if you simply grow a passion for what you want to do.  Creativity is in everyone and all one has to do, no matter if you are 2 years old or 78 years old, is try something and see if you can get better each time.

Every art teacher I know hates one thing for sure; the dreaded sentence of that “one” student who has an irritating tone associated with this sentence: “I can’t do it.” or maybe this sentence: “I’m not good at art.”  Well, it’s a lie.  There are millions of ways to express yourself; and art is such a vast concept that expressing your creativity and thoughts is easily categorized as such.  Not one of my students can fail – I don’t allow it.  It’s our job as educators to step up to the plate and give the students’ all we’ve got.  Perhaps painting isn’t what they will excel at in their future but if they try; that’s one more thing they’ve experienced and their creativity just got one size bigger thanks to our little push.

Creativity means a lot of things; but one thing is for certain: using creativity means you are living life in a meaningful way.


2 responses to “It’s never too early to get creative.

  1. So very kind of you !!! I agree with you wholeheartedly and you are such an inspirational teacher. Your students are sooooooo lucky !! Thank you for taking time to look at my blog and share it with others !

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