Prezi Presentations

This year, I have committed myself to having all of my presentations done through Prezi.  Prezi is an online presentations tool (free) that presents in a way that allows us to think outside the box.  Simply put, Powerpoint is a timeline…you go from slide 1 to 2 to 3 and so on.  If you have to return to a slide, you must treck through all the previous slides to get there and by that point, you’ve lost your audience.

Prezi is a canvas…so it’s safe to assume any art teacher should love it.  Prezi allows you to create a path that moves up down, around, and throughout your presentation.  You can zoom in and zoom back out; hide words within words…the possibilities are endless. You layout your materials (videos, jpgs, text, links, etc) like a map and you are free to create whatever path you want.  If a student raises a question that takes you off the path, you simply move over to where he is and you’re ready to go.

Kid’s love it – they are caught up in the action of it and it keeps them busy during your instructions.  Word of caution, however, that if you get too busy in your prezis you may make some people get overwhelmed by the movement so don’t be afraid to keep it straightforward and simple.

And the absolutely best part? Public prezi accounts limit your space and you must leave your prezis public.  If you sign up using your teacher email, you get a load of extra space and you have the right to privatize  any of your prezis! I love my account!



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